TOP Reviews For Neohealar Cream for Hemorrhoids and How to use

There are many cases suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissures, looking for a remedy to help them with the treatment of hemorrhoids. My experience with Neohealar hemorrhoid cream proved its effectiveness in treating anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are annoying conditions that cause pain and discomfort, so using Neohealar hemorrhoid cream is necessary along with following a fiber-rich healthy diet that aids in gradual healing.

Neohealar cream is made from natural extracts that help alleviate the pain of hemorrhoids. In this article, I will elaborate on my experience with Neohealar hemorrhoid cream…

My experience with Neohealer Hemorrhoid Ointment

The first experiment

The man shares that he was suffering from hemorrhoid pain that persisted for several months. When the pain worsened and became unbearable, he went to a specialist who prescribed Neohealar cream. By the second week, he felt improvement, and the pain disappeared.

The second experiment

The lady shares that she used to suffer from intense anal pain due to hemorrhoids. When she visited a specialist, the doctor prescribed Neohealar suppositories for treating hemorrhoids and alleviating the pain. After using the suppositories, she shared her experience and how she felt better, especially when she followed a healthy, fiber-rich diet. This diet helped her relieve the pain and feel more comfortable.

Third experiment

The patient recounts that he tried a considerable amount of hemorrhoid treatment products, but he didn’t notice any changes, and the pain didn’t subside. However, using Neohealar hemorrhoid cream helped alleviate the pain right from the first application. Therefore, he recommends it to other hemorrhoid patients.

Fourth experiment

The patient says that he was suffering from anal fissures accompanied by pain and discomfort. However, when he used Neohealar hemorrhoid cream, he noticed significant improvement, and the pain disappeared. Therefore, he advises those suffering from anal fissures to use it three times a day.

Fifth experiment

A patient wrote about his experience, mentioning that he had been suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time. Due to the condition, he experienced intense pain while sitting, describing it as feeling like a piece of marble stuck in his backside, along with continuous bleeding. However, when he used Neohealar cream just twice, everything improved miraculously, and the pain completely disappeared. Therefore, he highly recommends using it, especially since it’s made from effective natural extracts.

Sixth experiment

A lady shared her experience of suffering from severe pain and having a swollen lump from hemorrhoids. Over time, the pain worsened significantly. When she went to the pharmacist for advice, he recommended using Neohealar cream. She bought and used it, and noticed remarkable changes – the hemorrhoid lump disappeared. She highly recommends anyone dealing with hemorrhoids to use the cream.

Neohealar Cream for Hemorrhoids

Neohealer ointment ingredients

  • Aloe Vera Gel: The cream contains 14.2% concentration of Aloe Vera gel, along with collagen that aids in cell renewal and speedy healing of hemorrhoid fissures. Aloe Vera also helps treat inflammation and reduce sensitivity due to its content of cruz and gibberellin compounds.
  • Witch Hazel: Found in Neohealar cream with a concentration of 7.1%, it is one of the essential oils rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These substances have a potent effect that helps in treating hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel also repairs tissues and stimulates skin growth at the fissure site by activating enzymes responsible for cell regeneration.
  • Peppermint: Neohealar cream contains 5.67% concentration of peppermint, which alleviates pain and reduces itching associated with hemorrhoids by producing concentrated oils that aid in the treatment process.
  • Indian Frankincense: Present in Neohealar cream with a concentration of 7.1%, this natural substance is derived from resin and serves as a wound-healing agent and anti-inflammatory. It is extracted from the pine tree.

Indications for use of Neohealer ointment

  • Treating inflammation and swelling associated with hemorrhoids.
  • Relieving pain, providing comfort, and treating hemorrhoids.
  • Regenerating new and healthy tissues at the site of anal fissures in patients with hemorrhoids, replacing damaged tissues.
  • Protecting against rectal bleeding.
  • Facilitating bowel movements and easy digestion, which helps alleviate the severity of constipation.

Contraindications for the use of Neohealer ointment

  • The cream should not be used if there is rectal bleeding accompanying hemorrhoids.
  • It should not be used in case of skin sensitivity or severe inflammation.
  • Scientific studies have shown that it is not recommended for use during breastfeeding, and if no positive effect appears after using the cream for a period, it should be discontinued.

Dosage and method of use of Neohealer ointment

  • The cream is used for patients with hemorrhoids and anal fissures, applied three times a week, and the treatment period lasts for about twenty days, no longer.
  • In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the cream is used along with the applicator provided.
  • There is another form of Neohealar medication, which is rectal suppositories used once a day.

Neohealer ointment for pregnant women

  • It is possible to use Neohealar cream during pregnancy because it is made of natural ingredients that do not have any negative effects on the pregnant woman or the fetus.
  • Neohealar cream is composed of a blend of natural substances and herbal oils that do not have any adverse impact on the health of the pregnant woman. However, it is advisable to consult a specialized doctor before using it.

Neohelar for constipation

  • Scientific studies have shown that Neohealar medication helps facilitate bowel movements in the digestive system, leading to easier digestion of food. Therefore, doctors may sometimes prescribe it for constipation treatment.

Do you use New Healer suppositories for children?

  • A safe product that can be used with both children and the elderly, as it reduces the pain caused by hemorrhoids.
  • It helps soothe the hemorrhoids and heal inflamed veins, aiding in their natural repositioning.

Does Neohealer ointment cause a burning sensation?

  • Neohealar cream may cause occasional burning sensation and itching in some cases.
  • These symptoms are not serious and do not require discontinuing the treatment, as it is generally safe.

Does Neohealer ointment cause diarrhea?

  • Neohealar cream works to soften the bowels, and some people might confuse it as a laxative or a cause of constipation.
  • In reality, this belief is incorrect as it doesn’t lead to diarrhea, but it may cause itching, which is a normal occurrence.

Neohealer ointment side effects

  • Irritation and sensitivity after prolonged use.
  • Feeling of comfort and relief from skin itching.

In conclusion, we have provided all the information regarding my experience with Neohealar hemorrhoid cream and established that it’s the best choice for treating hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Moreover, it’s safe for both adults and children.

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