Elite vs. Gentle Pro:Differences with Evidence & Images

Most American ladies have been and continue to struggle with trying various methods of hair removal, whether through traditional or modern techniques. However, laser technology has managed to weaken hair follicles by focusing light and radiation to remove hair without it regrowing for a significantly long time, providing women with a convenient and less painful solution for getting rid of unwanted hair, albeit at a very high cost.

Recently, two of the most famous and best devices for laser hair removal have emerged: the Syneron Candela GentleLase Pro and the Candela GentleYAG Pro. Both devices have achieved tremendous success in this field by utilizing a cooling system to protect the skin from redness and pain…

The difference between the Elite and Gentle Pro device

  1. Both devices are made in the USA.
  2. The laser type used in the Gentle Pro device is known as Alex Laser, while the Elite device uses two laser types: Alex and Nd:YAG.
  3. The cooling system in the Gentle Pro device consists of a cylinder attached to the device that cools the area where the laser beams fall. On the other hand, the cooling system in the Elite device is available through a separate device that cools both the laser area and the surrounding area, achieving better results.

Features of the Elite Plus hair removal device

  • It works to even out skin tone.
  • Clinically tested and proven.
  • An excellent treatment for a wide spectrum of skin disorders.
  • Effective for all skin colors, whether light or dark.
  • Easy to use and highly efficient in concealing skin imperfections.
  • It doesn’t harm the surrounding tissues but preserves them.
  • Achieves excellent hair removal results with high precision and no pain.
  • Highly effective for hair removal on any body area.
  • The device allows easy switching between different wavelengths during a single session.
  • Suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination, sensitive).
  • Ensures comfort during the treatment due to its cooling feature.
  • Reduces the appearance of damaged blood vessels, spider veins, and blue, purple, or red discoloration.

Elite vs. Gentle Pro

How the Elite Plus device works

The device operates using laser pulses that emit highly focused light selectively on the hair follicles. Then, the light transforms into heat, which eliminates the hair from the roots and prevents further hair growth. This technology targets multiple hair follicles simultaneously.

  • The device is used for hair removal on the chin, cheeks, armpits, back, legs, arms, and sensitive areas.

Disadvantages of the Elite device

  • Satisfaction with the device’s performance varies from person to person.
  • It doesn’t permanently remove hair, but it significantly delays hair regrowth for a long period of time.

Elite device for dark skin

The laser devices used for removing unwanted hair vary in their wavelength and their ability to penetrate hair follicles. These devices also differ in their impact on the blood vessels surrounding the hair follicles. Although the Elite device has the advantage of being suitable for dark and even darker skin, it is not recommended to use the device without consulting a doctor.

Elite Plus device for lanugo hair

The Elite device is used for removing fine or vellus hair, which resembles the hair that a newborn baby sheds after a few weeks. While laser devices that emit pulses and focus radiation can be used to remove this type of hair, it tends to reappear after a long period of time. However, it’s worth mentioning that vellus hair can be permanently removed using electrolysis technology, a technique that involves injecting an electric probe into each follicle individually, using a low-intensity electrical current.

Features of the Gentle Laser Pro device

  • It is incredibly user-friendly and the sessions are quick, usually not exceeding half an hour.
  • Before starting the hair removal process, the device requires determining the skin and hair color.
  • Determining the pigmentation percentage helps minimize damage and ensures the desired satisfactory results.
  • The device’s cooling system is highly efficient, providing a painless hair removal experience.
  • It safeguards the skin during use, preventing burns and redness.
  • It suits all skin colors and types with consistent effectiveness and impressive outcomes.
  • The device works by intensely burning the hair roots, reducing hair regrowth rate significantly.

Elite vs. Gentle Pro

Disadvantages of the Gentle Laser Pro device

  • Sometimes, the skin may experience swelling at the treated area.
  • It may cause a tingling sensation during the process.
  • Redness of the skin can occur during the treatment but quickly fades away.
  • It’s essential to use the device correctly as improper use may lead to skin discoloration.

How to use the Gentle Pro device

  • The device requires entering a set of data before the treatment, including hair color, skin color, hair thickness, and skin pigmentation percentage.
  • These data allow the Gentle Pro device to control its criteria and achieve the best results through a proper and personalized usage mechanism.
  • Next, the desired area for hair removal is determined.
  • Then, laser beams with a wavelength of 755 nm are emitted in rapid pulses to weaken the hair follicles.
  • The Gentle Pro Laser device releases cryogen gas for cooling, preventing skin redness during the session.
  • The time between each session is around 6 weeks.

Gentle Pro device for lanugo hair

Vellus hair is typically characterized by its light color compared to regular hair. It can appear in areas like the ears, nose, chest, neck, armpits, back, shoulders, abdomen, and face.

By raising the hair’s temperature, it’s possible to get rid of vellus hair follicles for an extended period without feeling pain during the process, thanks to the liquid nitrogen in the device that efficiently and effectively cools the skin layers.

Gentle Pro device for dark skin

The Gentle Pro device stands out by gathering detailed information about the skin, including dark skin tones, which allows it to provide the best treatment for such cases. It processes the skin based on the provided information, resulting in superior outcomes.

Moreover, when using the Gentle Pro device, it doesn’t cause any scarring or burns, even for dark skin. The cooling system in the device ensures comfort for the user during the treatment process.

My experience with the Elite device and the Gentle Pro hair removal device

The first experiment

One of the ladies mentioned that she tried the Elite device for hair removal at a specialized place. Initially, she wasn’t too excited about using the device, but after trying it, she said, “The Elite device is fantastic for hair removal! It’s truly a unique and wonderful experience.” However, she encountered one issue, which was the high cost of the sessions.

The second experiment

The second person sharing her experience said, “I’ve struggled a lot with using various hair removal methods, but then my friend recommended trying Elite device hair removal sessions. I took her advice, and the results were amazing, even more satisfying than I expected. I didn’t feel any pain like in previous experiences.”

Third experiment

A woman in one of the comments stated that she was amazed by the quick results when using the Elite Plus device for hair removal. She’s also extremely happy with the experience because it didn’t cause any irritation or redness, even though she has sensitive skin.

Fourth experiment

The lady’s experience with the Gentle Pro device was remarkable. She said, “Using this device was extremely comfortable and much faster than I expected. Not only that, but the results were quick and effective. However, the cost of the session was way too high.”

Fifth experiment

One of the ladies mentioned that she used the Gentle Pro device, and she was initially concerned because she has dark skin. However, when she learned that all the details about her skin and hair are entered into the device before using it, she felt very comfortable and excited to try it. She said, “My experience with the Gentle Pro device was truly unique and remarkably special. The results amazed me beyond belief.”

The difference between the Elite and the Gentle Pro

The number of laser hair removal sessions typically ranges from 5 to 6 sessions, and it’s advisable to use a suitable cream for inflammation after each session. Also, it’s essential to consult a doctor before using laser hair removal devices.

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